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Anti-Trump Judd Apatow Slams Weinsten But Hired Serial Sexual Predator Who Groped Ivanka Trump!

Anti-Trumper Judd Apatow claims to be an advocate work for sexual assault victims and he’s called out serial sexual predators such as Bill Cosby and most recently Harvey Weinstein. However, he casted Andy Dick to be on his show who has been arrested multiple times for sexual assault and was thrown off a late-night show for groping Ivanka Trump.

After news broke that Weinstein paid off several women for sexual assault or sexual harassment, Apatow sent out a tweet condemning the movie mogul. The producer-director tweeted this:

“Wealthy people buy silence with settlements. The confidentiality clause allows predators to hurt other people. For decades.”

In another tweet, he used this Hollywood sex scandal to take a stab at President Donald Trump:

“People with money pay off the people they hurt. Like Trump did with Trump U and like Cosby. If you accept the cash they keep doing it.”

Ironically, Apatow hired serial sexual predator Andy Dick to star in his Netflix show Love.

A Vox article details Dick’s history of sexual assault and sexual harassment against women including an incident where repeatedly groped Ivanka here:

2007: Dick was dragged off the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! by Kimmel himself, after repeatedly touching Trump — who appeared as a guest on the show the same night as Dick — live on the air.

2008: Dick was arrested for theft and sexual battery in Murrieta, California. According to the LA Times, a “heavily intoxicated” Dick “grabbed and fondled the breast of a 17-year-old girl before pulling her top down.” He avoided felony sexual battery charges, but pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and drug charges.

2010: Dick was arrested and charged with first-degree sexual assault for “engaging in unwanted and uninvited groping” of two victims’ genital areas, according to the Huntington Police Department in West Virginia. Dick pleaded not guilty; the alleged victims filed a civil suit against Dick in 2012.

2011: Dick was sued for sexual assault by a Texas nightclub patron, who alleged that Dick exposed and rubbed his genitals on the patron’s face. The claimant later dropped the suit.

So does the Trump-bashing celebrity believe sexual assault is acceptable if it’s against a woman with the last name Trump? I tweeted Apatow calling him out for his hypocrisy in response to a tweet where calls out Weinstein. Apatow quickly deleted that tweet and blocked me.

Apatow has also accused the Trump administration of “com[ing] through for their rape base” in response to the administration’s decision to end Obama-era sexual misconduct. He even compared Trump’s election victory to rape drawing a lot of blowback from actual rape and sexual assault victims.

Just like most liberals in Hollywood, Apatow is a hypocrite who has no business condemning sexual predators from his soapbox when he had no problem hiring one for a role in his series!

Liz Crokin is an award winning investigative journalist, author of Malice and regular contributor to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

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