Liz Crokin On Why She Went Public With Lawsuit Against Ex Boyfriend She Claims Gave Her Herpes

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Liz Crokin, the entertainment reporter who suing her ex-boyfriend for allegedly giving her a life-threatening STD, opens up about her battle in an exclusive interview with Popdust.

As previously reported, Crokin has filed a lawsuit against Orange County businessman Mallory Hill for allegedly infecting her with a rare form of Herpes during their relationship.

The lawsuit alleges the LA-based reporter contracted herpes-meningitis, which eventually progressed to meningoencephalitis, from ex-boyfriend Hill.

Many were shocked by Crokin’s decision to go public with her legal battle—she tells Popdust why.

Popdust: Why did you decide to take your lawsuit and battle public?

Liz Crokin: Going public with my story has been really hard and it’s not a decision I entered into lightly, but I’ve gotten so much love and support, so that’s been nice. I love the fact that women who might potentially date Mallory and subject themselves to the same hell I’ve endured can can google him and spare themselves. I also love that going public with this will educate people about the dangers of STDs and especially herpes, and also reduce some of the shame people associate with STDs. I wrote and finished novel in the last year that is currently on it’s second round of professional edits. It’s working title is ‘Malice,’ and it’s classed as fiction but it’s based on true events. It’s about tabloid journalist who exposes a Presidential candidate who has multiple affairs with prostitutes.

Popdust: So what’s going on with the law suit?

Liz Crokin: We served the defendant and now he has 2 1/2 weeks to answer. It’s still in the early stages, but we plan on persisting until justice is served.

Popdust: Is there a chance he’ll face jail time?

Liz Crokin: Well, not as a result of our suit. Unfortunately, Los Angeles detectives didn’t take it the way we wanted them to, so we’re taking the case to Newport Beach, hoping they bring felony charges against Mallory. Knowingly passing HIV to another person is a felony, but any other STD is a misdemeanor. In my case however, great bodily harm was done. I can’t work, I’m on disability, I’ve even suffered brain damage. My migraines are incapacitating. Also, the fact that other women have come forward to say that Mallory either assaulted them or gave them an STD show a pattern that has persisted for decades.

Popdust: So what’s next? Are you dating?

Liz Crokin: Guys still ask me out. Obviously, I’m very open about my experience so it’s nice to see that guys have not been scared off by it, but right now I’m so focused on getting my health and career back on track. I hope to start dating again soon, and I am in no way a man- hater. My lawyers are all men and they’ve been wonderful.

Popdust: What is the ideal outcome for you?

Liz Crokin: I hope to educate as many people as possible that herpes actually has life threatening complications. Most people don’t know it can develop into meningitis. I hope to use the book as platform to raise awareness. I’m also working to change the law so that people who knowingly pass on STDs have to register as sex offenders. Think about it. People that get drunk at a bar and pee in a playground have to register as sex offenders. Isn’t it a worse crime to knowingly pass on an STD?